Riga / Riia

Riga is a capital city of Latvia. Latvia is one of the Baltic states and it is boarded by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Riga is the largest city in the three Baltic states. The area of Riga is 307,17 km2 and there lives around 632,614 inhabitants. Riia on Läti pealinn. Läti on üks kolmest Balti... Continue Reading →


Porvoo is a romantic city on the southern coast of Finland. It is approximately 50 km from Helsinki, perfect city for a day trip from Helsinki. It is one of the sixth medieval towns and second oldest town in Finland. Porvoo on romantiline linn, mis asub Soome lõunarannikul. Porvoo asub umbes 50 km kaugusel Helsingist... Continue Reading →

Kansas & Los Angeles

Kansas is a U.S state in the Midwestern United States. The capital city of Kansas is Topeka. Kansas is named after the Kansas River, which in turn was named after the Kansa Native American who lived along its banks. Kansas tribe's name is often said to mean "people of the (south) wind", although this was... Continue Reading →

Kiev / Kiiev

The decision to visit Kiev, Ukraine was quite random. I was bored and just checking the flights when I saw cheap tickets to Kiev. Less than hour later I had bought the tickets already.  Even though Ukraine hasn't been on top of my list of countries I want to visit, I am really glad I... Continue Reading →

London & St Albans

London was my dream city when I was a child. I makes me wonder how it took me almost 15 years to visit it, haha. During the last months I actually went to England twice. Thanks to that I have seen the real metropolis - London and life in a smaller town. I have also... Continue Reading →

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