About me

Pille-mock-01This project is coming alive thanks to ESC voluntary service and my hosting organization VulcanicaMente Lecce. The project where I am working is called “The World We Have” and the aim is to spread awareness about sustainability and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

  • I love to travel alone.
  • I always plan my trips 100% myself and these are always low budget ones.
  • I don’t have painting on the wall – I have maps.
  • When I think of prices, I value things in terms of how many days in my next destination it will cost me.
  • I pretend to be a travel blogger.
  • I have many travel related tattoos.
  • I am the happiest on the road.
  • I am constantly counting countries and continents.
  • My conversation starter is “Have you ever been to … [instert country name]?”
  • The vast majority of my friends live across the world.
  • I spend hours every day daydreaming about trips I will never take, trips I have taken and people I have met on the road.
  • I love making videos!
  • One of my goals is to become an advocate of zero waste and minimalistic lifestyle.